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Hufco Pro-Motion (HPM), a group of knowledgeable individuals directed by CEO and Director of Marketing, John Huffman.  John and his group are intimately in-tune with the NASCAR Team Marketing Business, Team Business Management and cherish personal and professional connections with NASCAR Management and Administration plus an impressive and diverse race team and driver client base.

HPM President and CEO John "Hufco" Huffman has been working with people to advance sales and build successes for almost 40 Years.  Growing up in a small rural community in central Indiana where it was common-place to work in the farm fields.  But, bailing hay and detasseling corn soon went by the wayside when there was a chance to work (gopher) for the many "Weekend-Racers" that seemed to have a race car in every other home garage in town.

"I think it was at that point my sales and marketing career began.  I had to sell the point that I could do anything they would let me do and I could also help the race track promoters hand out programs and fliers...  that is, when I couldn't sneak in the pits and be around the race cars!"

As a young kid I have fond memories of being at the Kokomo Speedway, a legendary dirt track just 50 miles North of Indianapolis, where drivers from all over the country, it seemed, came to race their converted street-cars, 40-ford Coupes, sprint cars, etc.  Many of these drivers also made it to the Indianapolis 500, as "Dirt-Track" racing in the Midwest was a for-sure stepping stone.  I know later on Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman all raced there and many other local dirt tracks at one time or another.

As you can imagine, I forgot all about the corn fields and farm work and became a gear-head that eventually lead me to owning and driving race cars at the Old "Sun Valley" Speedway, Anderson IN., Winchester, Salem plus many tracks across Indiana and surrounding states and eventually competing in the original ASA, American Speed Association Series.  I remember being in events with some of the greats, Darrell Waltrip, Dick Trickle, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Bobby Allison and many others that were or went on into a professional career while I remained a "Weekend" racer.  By this time I was married with a daughter and had to be kind-of responsible, I scored a job with an aircraft engine manufacturer, Allison Gas Turbine, as a machinist and advancing to quality control.

For most of all those thirty years, I also raced outlaw pavement and dirt and that's where I had to market myself and secure sponsorships.

After Rolls Royce AeroSpace bought out Allison, "My Real Job", and made it possible to leave the company, I naturally migrated to North Carolina and immediately started working for NASCAR Teams.  After a few years of doing every job in the shop and at the track, plus managing shops and businesses, including sponsorships in many cases, I decided to go into business for myself.

Hufco Pro-Motion, Inc. has been successful for over 10-years securing marketing partners for race teams, drivers, plus building successful ad-marketing and social media programs for a variety of small businesses, in and out of racing, across the country.


John "Hufco" Huffman
Founder, CEO and Director of Marketing
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